A Devil of a Time

Sometimes all the Devil wants to hear is, “Get thee behind me Satan.”


Well now. That”s a very kind offer Mr Beelzebub and you can rest assured that I will give the ownership of my immortal soul some serious consideration. I was wondering only the other day who to leave that and my second-best tea set to because I know all my children have sets of their own and the grandchildren are too young of course but there is always my cousin Elsie. Have you met my cousin Elsie? She’s a very sweet thing but awfully scatter-brained and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she has left her immortal soul on the train because she travels a lot you know and always forgets to go to check with the lost property people after she discovers something missing. Oh, I remember the day we went to London to see George VIII. He was starring in Much Ado About Nothing at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane and on the way home Elsie forgot her umbrella and David Lloyd George had to sprint after us to give Elsie her umbrella back. He was Prime Minister back then you know and gave me a knighthood to give to my father because Lloyd George knew my father and of course my father knew Lloyd George. Why I remember the time we were all invited to Sandringham to…”


The drawing used above started life as a cartoon in Punch. Much as I like the art I wasn’t keen on the joke about it being a non-smoking carriage that went with it so I replaced it with an idea of my own. Feel free to not like my alternate joke if you so choose.


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